Fractal Repatterning


Fractal Repatterning sessions break unwanted patterns of behaviour, or patterns of unwanted recurring outcomes, giving the freedom of choice to create our life, rather than feeling we are just a product of circumstances.

This is achieved by bringing balance to the 5 elements within. The inner changes we make, affect our view of, and interaction with the outer world bringing more comfort, joy, and empowerment.

There are 5 sessions, which are booked 3-5 weeks apart to give time to implement insights and discoveries, put plans into action and see results.

In each session we give most focus to the star element of the session.

Earth Session

Earth explores your foundations and whether they support your needs. Earth questions whether areas could benefit from being strengthened, and what they may be.

Water session

Water asks how you manage/express your emotions. Whether you feel your emotional needs are being met. And embraces ways in which your emotional needs can be better met.

Fire Session

Fire looks at how you see this moment and your future. fuelling the passion to reach your goals. Fire looks at ways to ignite the flame If the fire has gone out.

Air Session

Air studies the way the mind is behaving, and whether worry over the past or fear of the future interferes with today. Air is about finding what needs to be actioned to stay present.

Ether Session

Ether brings to light your inner dialogue and finds ways to ensure your inner dialogue is supportive.

NB: Many people ask. “Why can’t I start and end at Ether and just change my thinking?”
My answer is always. “We start at earth and end at Ether because; If our foundations are unstable, it’s hard to manage our emotions.
If our emotions are unbalanced it’s hard for us to see this moment or envision a good future.
If we can’t see the future, it’s hard to have the passion to go forwards.
If we can’t go forwards, we regret the past and fear the future.
If we are in regret or fear, we are not present and so not aware of our inner dialogue being unsupportive.”
“Just as experience shows, a house without good foundations, no matter how pretty it looks, is likely to fall down.
Whereas, a house built with planning and forethought, takes longer to build, but it lasts for many decades, and withstands the tests of time. It’s the same with all of us.
If we invest in our foundations, balance our emotions, learn from our past, embrace our present and walk into our future with heartfelt passion:
There are no words to describe the freedom we can attain, the self-empowerment we gain.
And the life we live is limitless.”