Body 2 Soul

Founded in 2002.
Body 2 Soul is the home of bespoke treatments delivered as a catalyst for change.
After an initial consultation a treatment plan will be tailored to meet the present needs of each unique client.
Although each treatments sees results, booking for a set of 3 treatments is recommended,
as the effect of each subsequent treatment becomes deeper.

The first treatment

The first treatment is new, and so the mind is trying to make sense of it all.

The second treatment

The second treatment is known, and the mind lets go, allowing for a deeper experience.

The third treatment

The third treatment triggers the relaxation response quickly and is the catalyst for lasting change.

The Five Elements

Balancing the five elements is the goal at Body to Soul.


Earth is our foundation. The ground on which we stand, and which supports us. If the earth shakes beneath us, everything becomes uncertain.

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Water like our emotions, ebbs, and flows. A raging sea, a calm lake, a flowing river, rain, hail, or snow are all different manifestations of water.

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Fire sustains us, as in the Sun that bathes the earth and gives us warmth, light and life.

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Air is movement, the wind can be a gentle breeze or a wild tornado. The movement of our lungs through our breath.

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Ether is space, without which nothing could grow, and nothing could exist.

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